Software Consultancy

What’s your thing, Evans?

I help organisations make great software. Sometimes that involves writing shiny new software; sometimes it involves taking existing not-so-shiny software and making it better; often it involves advising on the right technologies and setting the direction of development.

Most projects I work with are web based and involve Python (particularly Django) in some capacity. But I have experience in many other languages and platforms as well.

Occasionally people say nice things about me.

Maybe I could help your business too? Drop me a line.

But tell me more

I’ve been writing software professionally for over a decade now, and was writing software unprofessionally for at least a decade before that. I escaped Cambridge with a BA and MPhil in Philosophy and now live in London. In my spare time I am a trustee and director of the Intergenerational Foundation.

Have you opened any source?

I have. My most popular project is WhiteNoise, a static file handler for Python web applications. It has quite a few high profile users, including Mozilla and the US government.

I contribute to many other projects as well, wherever I can be helpful. If you use Python you almost certainly run some of my code.

Do any of your clients actually like you?

In only a couple of months Dave got to grips with some of the least loved parts of our code and helped us untangle years of tech debt. He's great to work with and has a huge range of skills that would make me feel safe leaving any project in his hands. I'd jump at the chance to work with Dave again.

Dave is the best freelancer we have ever hired and our biggest regret is that we didn't manage to convince him to join us full time.

Dave was, and is, terrific to work with. Sharp, fast, super-knowledgeable, very helpful – and enjoyable to work with. His work on the Attentio project (analysing several hundred thousand articles per day), including his involvement in the machine learning engine at the heart of the project, was invaluable. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Dave is an exceptional project leader – he has a rare combination of skills that enables him to understand our needs as a client, come up with solutions that are not just technically elegant and brilliant but also fit our context and has an attention to detail which ensures that what he creates is done to the very highest standards.

An inspired and inspiring person to work with. Very quick to grasp the problem, and suggest a range of solutions. A huge asset to any team.

Dave is an exceptionally talented, conscientious and delightful individual. He is passionate about programming and his desire to know how things work drives his constant thirst for knowledge. He has the ability to assess how appropriate a new technology is, gain an in-depth knowledge of how it works, and develop robust and smart systems using that technology. The code he writes is clean, concise and easy for others to understand. Everyone at Swerve thinks he is great and we would highly recommend using him on your next project.

Dave has made some very significant contributions to our applications and infrastructure over the several years he’s worked with us. We've particularly valued his ability to grasp both the fine technical details of a project and also its wider business context, and to make strategic decisions accordingly.

This sounds interesting

Great! What say you get in touch, and we take it from there?